Nikon Coolpix: I am Nikon #1

08-Mar-10 | category: Technology | Tags: ,

What makes Robbie Williams overwhelmed with emotion? What has a baby got in common with the first man on the moon? Have you ever tasted a hot chilli? Find out. Enjoy the new I AM NIKON Nikon brand campaign.

Most parts shot with a Nikon D3S and D5000

Music: Radical Face Welcome Home, Son

Director: Ralf Schmerberg

General Manager of Nikon BV Europe: Birgitta Olson

Marketing Manager of Nikon BV Europe: Guiseppe Puglisi

Advertising agency: Jung von Matt/Spree, Berlin

Production company: Trigger Happy Productions

Sound studio: Audioforce, Berlin

The new I AM NIKON advertising campaign, COOLPIX S8000 30-sec. version.

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