Louis Vuitton Secret Places: Hand made

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Located a few kilometers from Venice, La Riviera della Brenta is revered for its fine shoe craftsmen, who have provided shoes for the Venetian Aristocracy since the 13th century. The Fiesso d’Artico shoe workshop redefines the codes of craftsmanship for the 21st century, incorporating the latest technological advances with ancestral savoir-faire applied to men and women’s shoes.

Each of Fiesso d’Artico’s four shoes workshops are devoted to specific products and features: women’s elegant workshop, innovative sneakers workshop, traditional moccasins workshop, men classic workshop.

Taking another step forward in excellence, Louis Vuitton created a Made To Order Atelier within Fiesso d’Artico workshop. Thanks to this service, you can create your own, utterly personal pair of shoes. You choose the shape, the material, the finish, everything to invent the shoe that corresponds precisely to your tastes and desires. Three thousand possible combinations for the ultimate in luxury. Yet another way in which Louis Vuitton expresses the highest quality standards and its passion for innovation.