Mercedes-Benz 2012 C-Class Coupe: Unchained

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Mercedes-Benz introduces the powerful, stylish 2012 C Coupe. Everything you love about the Mercedes-Benz C Class sedan, now available in a two door.

01:21 (19-09-11)

This is another example of why America continues to fall behind in education. A commercial, presumably written by a college graduate and approved by a group of people contains horrible grammar. The tag line “same blah, same blah, less doors is horrible. Should be fewer doors. I know it seems trivial, but we there is no excuse for this kind of blatant disregard for basic grammar from professionals.

18:36 (20-09-11)

Please, please, please stop running this commercial until the grammatical error is corrected!!! It’s embarrassing…

09:40 (21-09-11)

Where error ?

Dale Coleman
01:43 (26-09-11)

I agree!!!

02:38 (03-10-11)

I KNOW IT IS DRIVING ME NUTS!!!! You cannot say LESS DOORS, becuase doors can be counted. With anything that can be counted, the correct word is FEWER. Now, were the doors before big but became smaller, you could say LESS DOOR. MERCEDES, we believed in you. How do people keep their jobs when such lack of attention to detail pervades every industry nowadays? Ugh.

03:10 (18-10-11)

I was seriously considering purchasing this car until I saw this commercial. I will not contribute financially to a high end company, supposedly marketing to an educated and successful target market that allows this kind of illiterate language to air. My new Audi is now officially on order.

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