Motion Control Xbox

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The campaign consisted of 4 separate commercials that show an actors face reacting in extreme slow motion to what they were feeling while experiencing XBOX. As they react, the camera moves around their head, revealing a miniature world as if on a stage, that the audience can see through the back of the subject’s mind. Each commercial depicts a different game or feature available on the XBOX; Guitar Hero, Movie, Fantasy and Rock band.

To establish the initial look and pace of the four commercials, a detailed pre-visualisation was compiled which allowed the director and his clients to finalize how they wanted the shots to look. Data from these pre-visualised moves were then used to plot the camera path of our Milo motion control system on set. We shot three different scaled moves for each commercial in order to give the correct perspective plates and relative elements for post production.

The close-up’face plates’ were filmed on the Milo with a Phantom, Hi-speed HD camera at 700 Fps with the actor sitting on our hi- speed turntable as it rotated. Each different internal ‘head set’ was also shot using the turntable and Milo with many different effects passes for lighting, exposure and atmospheric smoke. The largest scale set was the ‘mock up’ room where the actors appear inside their own head. This set consisted of a 7m wide stage fitted to the turntable. Each plate was shot against either a black or green screen and the exported the camera path was used to generate 3D backgrounds to complete the scene.

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