Bud Light: Dear NFL Football – Pitbull Twist, Crazy, Field Goal

18-Oct-11 | category: Drinks, Entertainment | Tags: , , ,

16:41 (18-10-11)

I’ve always been a fan of watching the football games, sometimes for nothing more than the commercials and these ones take the cake. Lately, I’ve been watching the actual games to get more aware of football and the good thing is that I have the Multi-Sports package in my DISH Network employee package. My favorite channel is the package is the NFL Redzone channel because I can watch any team in the league score a touchdown as soon as they get inside of the 20 yard line. It makes it easy to watch all and tweet about all of the teams as if I’m watching the entire game! I absolutely love it and now new DISH Network customers can get the package for free throughout this entire season!

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