ATT: Samsung Infuse 4G: Spider – Colors so real

18-May-11 | category: Technology | Tags: , , , ,

The new Samsung Infuse 4G features colors so real that it’s almost unreal. Our new TV commercial, “Spider”, shows what can happen when someone has the big, brilliant Samsung Infuse 4G, with large screen and brilliant colors. The Big, Brilliant, Thin Samsung Infuse 4G. Only from the Network of Possibilities. AT&T.
02:49 (19-05-11)

I watched the Samsung Infuse 4G spider commercial and it was so funny I laughed so hard it was Priceless!! it sure held my attention. Great Job.

21:15 (20-05-11)

That was too funny! It didn’t look that real!

17:27 (23-05-11)

One of the stupidest commercials on the air today. If I were in the market for a phone it would turn me off purchasing the phone.

Just my opinion
02:11 (26-05-11)

Just left the AT&T store and the screen does look that good. Amazing!

Chris Sponagle
20:07 (26-05-11)

i saw it on Amarcain Idol Season Fanile!

15:29 (04-06-11)

makes me laugh everytime i see the commercial. also laugh at the flash mob one.

02:02 (09-06-11)

I have to mute this terrible commercial!

17:38 (11-06-11)

Slap the bimbo, then punch the moron out. It’s a phone people.

02:35 (21-06-11)

I had to google this stupid commercial- this site was one of the first things that popped up- just to make my voice heard that it is one of the most vile and atrocious things to ever happen to humanity. The ad creators should be relegated to creators block hell and never return!!!!!!!!!!!

01:11 (25-06-11)

PLEASE tone down this commercial a few decibles…I dive for the remote to press mute when I see this commercial coming on. Maybe you should have the guy scream because the lady’s blood curdling, tympanic membrade puncturing scream is unbearable. So happy for the mute button!

01:16 (25-06-11)

P.S. membrade should be membrane…and I agree with Techlady, Kelly,Tramp,and AtheistLoveChristmas!!!

04:51 (25-06-11)

Take this obnoxious commercial off the air…it is a disgrace…won’t buy a samsung phone now,

05:12 (28-06-11)

what spider is this

Bill P
00:46 (01-07-11)

Who is the actress? Kinda hot!

Hate it!
13:01 (20-07-11)

Terrible commercial – so annoying that it took several annoying airings of it to even figure out what the product being advertised was!! Now we just leave the room or change the channel!!!

20:59 (23-07-11)

All I need to hear when I’m making dinner for the kids is someone screaming. Seriously,If this is ATT’s way of getting my attention,It is NEGATIVE attention. It is not cute or funny, it is just irritating!

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