Verizon FiOS: Handles All Your Devices With Ease

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Can your network handle the computers, TV, and technology you can’t live without? Verizon FiOS can. Step into the fast lane with the power and speed of FiOS 100% fiber optic network and see first hand why Verizon FiOS is a network ahead.

15:03 (03-05-11)

I think that Verizon is doing a nice thing by providing it’s customers with a lot of value, but I just don’t think there is any competition with DISH Network. With DISH, you can save $60 annually compared to Verizon FIOS service because FIOS charges $6 per month for each receiver and if you wanted a standard DVR, you are charged $16 per month. Not only that, but DISH is the only provider in the industry to allow its customers to watch live and pre-recorded shows on their Apple or Android Mobile Devices and they don’t even have to be at home. By far, I think DISH has the best value and since I also work there, I am always recommending that people check out DISH Network.


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